Why We Need to Clear the Obstacles to Digital Signatures

It’s time to clear the obstacles standing in front of digital signatures for the good of government agencies and the people they serve.   How.. Read More
Prashant Mehtaby Prashant Mehta

Self-service accustomed motorists pushing toll roads to embrace new kinds of customer service

Motorists on our nations’ toll roads could be more frequent users and more profitable as toll road clients if their customer service options were.. Read More
Barry Pelletteriby Barry Pelletteri

It’s Time for Governments to Get Serious About Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity strategies and governance need to become top priorities as agencies undergo their digital transformation journeys. Here’s why. Read More
Louis Smithby Louis Smith

How to Make Cashless Tolling A Reality

The Covid-19 pandemic sped up the adoption of cashless toll payments in some states. But more progress is needed to take full advantage of the.. Read More
Devang Patelby Devang Patel

To Embrace Digital Transformation, Reframe Risk

The public sector is overdue for innovation — and civil servants understand that better than anyone. They’re eager to deliver faster, smarter and.. Read More
Prashant Mehtaby Prashant Mehta

3 Considerations for Choosing an IT Service Provider

When it comes to digital transformation in government, choosing the right partner is key. Rely on these questions.   3 Considerations for Choosing.. Read More
Katy Fentonby Katy Fenton

How Intelligent Transportation Tech Enhances Safety

Although drivers bear the responsibility for work zone collisions, it’s unrealistic to expect their behavior to change without additional help.   .. Read More
Rebekah Dorworthby Rebekah Dorworth

Help Agencies Do Their Best Work With As-a-Service Models

The software-as-a-service model is worth exploring for government agencies wanting to modernize legacy functions. Here’s why.   Leveraging.. Read More
Chris Skeneby Chris Skene
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