3 Ways States Can Leverage Technology to Navigate Marijuana Regulations

Imagine trying to track by hand every gram of cannabis in the legal marijuana industry. It would be virtually impossible, not to mention.. Read More
Katy Fentonby Katy Fenton

Gen Z Workers Aren’t Flocking to Public Sector Jobs. Here’s How to Change Their Minds.

Talented, tech-savvy Generation Z workers aren’t just flooding into the private sector. They’re investigating jobs in the public sector, too... Read More
Rebekah Dorworthby Rebekah Dorworth

How Government Modernization Can Help Regain Public Trust

Government has a wide-ranging set of complex responsibilities to the public, from safeguarding our freedoms to defending us from invasion. And.. Read More
Rebekah Dorworthby Rebekah Dorworth

How Government Agencies Can Take Advantage of Salesforce’s Public Sector Solutions

Cybersecurity strategies and governance need to become top priorities as agencies undergo their digital transformation journeys. Here’s why. Read More
Katy Fentonby Katy Fenton

Can Gen Z Workers Find a Home in the Public Sector? Yes. Here’s How.

Now, 90% of Gen Z and Millennial employees do not want to return to the office full-time, according to the Citrix study. Read More
Rebekah Dorworthby Rebekah Dorworth

How Emerging Payment Channels Will Transform Highway Tolling

Tolling agencies are about to again transform to better meet customer requirements, this time thanks to payment innovations accelerated by the.. Read More
Devang Patelby Devang Patel

How Governments Can Leverage Low-Code Development

Low-code development is one burgeoning approach when it comes to encouraging citizen engagement. Here’s what government players should know. Read More
Rebekah Dorworthby Rebekah Dorworth

Successful Digital Transformation in Government

Digital transformation is not simply having the newest technology – it’s a cultural understanding. It is less about the specific technology and.. Read More
Prashant Mehtaby Prashant Mehta

Why We Need to Clear the Obstacles to Digital Signatures

It’s time to clear the obstacles standing in front of digital signatures for the good of government agencies and the people they serve.   How.. Read More
Prashant Mehtaby Prashant Mehta

Self-service accustomed motorists pushing toll roads to embrace new kinds of customer service

Motorists on our nations’ toll roads could be more frequent users and more profitable as toll road clients if their customer service options were.. Read More
Barry Pelletteriby Barry Pelletteri
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