Cybersecurity strategies and governance need to become top priorities as agencies undergo their digital transformation journeys. Here’s why.

Licensing, permitting, and inspection processes, also known as LPI processes, are ripe for government modernization. Confirming that professionals and projects are up to standards is some of the government’s most important work. But it’s also some of the most complicated due to data silos, cumbersome manual workloads, and disconnected technologies. Bringing LPI into the 21st century benefits both government employees and the public at large — and the effort is already underway.

When COVID-19 shuttered many government offices, temporary technological fixes kept LPI processes running as much as possible. Those fixes might not be sustainable long-term. However, they demonstrated how technology can streamline essential government services, resulting in additional revenue and more licenses, permits, or inspections for people who need them.

There’s clear momentum behind modernizing LPI. Now, the public sector needs the right technology.

The Salesforce Government Cloud in Action

Salesforce helped bring the private sector into the cloud, and now, it’s doing the same for the public sector. With Salesforce’s Public Sector Solutions for License and Permit Management and Inspections Management, government agencies have a complete cloud-based tool kit to inaugurate a new era of digital LPI processes.

On the back end, that tool kit works to standardize data, automate processes, and improve visibility. On the front end, it offers the public a modern digital experience for tasks like submitting a license application or scheduling an inspection. Salesforce Public Sector Solutions for LPI provide a shortcut for government digital transformation by making powerful government-specific tools affordable and accessible.

Many things improve once government agencies have dedicated LPI solutions. They gain a 360-degree view through the integration of all constituent processes and data into one platform. Integration also facilitates automation, which agencies can use to streamline scheduling and systematically move licensing, permitting, or inspection applications faster through the review process. Officials have one place to look for all relevant data, and communication/collaboration tools help eliminate any friction the Salesforce Government Cloud doesn’t solve already.

Government can easily customize how these solutions look and function thanks to the Salesforce low-code methodology: a drag-and-drop approach to development that largely eliminates the need for time-consuming coding and in-house tech experts.

This low-code workflow automation provides a flexible and adaptable foundation. Rather than one-size-fits-all features, the Salesforce Government Cloud offers an expansive and agile tool kit that users can adapt to their requirements — all without needing extensive technical expertise. Agencies can easily configure it to take on new program challenges and automate additional workflows with simple clicks and no coding required.

Look to Florida’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use, or OMMU, to understand what Salesforce’s government technology does in action. In partnership with Kyra Solutions, the agency used the Salesforce Public Sector platform to create an all-encompassing solution for compliance, licensing, regulation, and enforcement across the state’s medical marijuana industry. Up and running in just 24 weeks, the solution integrated disconnected data sources and streamlined complicated workflows. OMMU saved so much time on administration thanks to the Salesforce platform that the agency began spending 40% more time completing inspections — its primary mission.

For offices at all levels looking to see results from government digital transformation, the Salesforce Government Cloud routinely exceeds all expectations.

Partner With Government Technology Experts

As OMMU and countless others demonstrate, the right technology is one half of the equation, and the right tech partner is the other. Impressive as the low-code tools from Salesforce might be, it’s up to users to make the most of these tools. Partnering with experts in government technology generally and Salesforce Public Sector Solutions specifically ensures that implementation processes go smoothly and end products work optimally.

Kyra Solutions understands the full depth and breadth of the Salesforce Government Cloud after rigorous study and extensive hands-on experience. Government offices don’t have to navigate digital transformation on their own. They can rely on us instead.

We prioritize configuration (changing settings in Salesforce) over customization (changing the underlying solution architecture); it reduces long-term maintenance and risk and leverages the power of built-in functions and best practices. When combined with the Salesforce low-code platform, that approach makes it surprisingly simple to implement a robust solution that redefines how the LPI process works — and improves it for all parties involved.

The Salesforce Government Cloud lays the groundwork for modernizing the public sector from top to bottom. Contact Kyra Solutions for more information or to schedule a demo.

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