10 Questions to Win Over Your Executive Team, One Laugh at a Time

We know how it feels: trying to gain executive buy-in for digital transformations in environmental and natural resource agencies sometimes feels like.. Read More
Katy Fentonby Katy Fenton

3 Ways States Can Leverage Technology to Navigate Marijuana Regulations

Imagine trying to track by hand every gram of cannabis in the legal marijuana industry. It would be virtually impossible, not to mention inefficient.. Read More
Katy Fentonby Katy Fenton

How Government Agencies Can Take Advantage of Salesforce’s Public Sector Solutions

Cybersecurity strategies and governance need to become top priorities as agencies undergo their digital transformation journeys. Here’s why. Read More
Katy Fentonby Katy Fenton

3 Considerations for Choosing an IT Service Provider

When it comes to digital transformation in government, choosing the right partner is key. Rely on these questions. 3 Considerations for Choosing.. Read More
Katy Fentonby Katy Fenton
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